Custom, handmade Viking Age garb & Wildcrafted Herbal Offerings

Welcome to my shop! My name is Brittany, Midgaarb is my small shop, solely run and operated by me: A passionate seamstress and plant witch. Bringing you custom, handmade historically accurate Viking Age garb as well as Organic and Wildcrafted herbal offerings. Infused with pagan pride and the desire to honor and uphold Mother Earth and the handmade authentic traditions that honored her in generations past. My passion and connection with the Earth is displayed in my craft through my use of Earth-based, natural fabrications and working with local and ancestral plant allies.

I am also the photographer behind 90% of my photos. I am a hedge witch, healer, forest dweller & artist of multiple crafts. My heart sings when I work with natural fibers; sewing, photography, herbalism, nature, music, writing, learning, European history, folklore & community connection. I have a black kitty named Stitch who hangs out in the studio while I create ~ he doesn’t shed much and I lint roll my items, but please note for anyone with kitty allergies!

I have an endless need to create and discover. My goal was to create a career that allows me to embrace it all. My desire is to uphold my families dying traditions & keep them alive for us American Europeans. My shop is fueled by my love and passion I have for the ancients and my desire to honor my connection to them. I live in a cabin in the misty, mossy forests of the Pacific Northwest - Oregon, where I bring all my creations to life. The energy surrounding me ~ living amongst the elements and my deep love for the nature surrounding me is channeled into all my work. I fully believe in living sustainably; the lifestyle of my beliefs, & do so to the best of my ability.

All of my garments are infused with positive energy and inspiration to keep the old ways alive. I have been sewing for over 25 years and have a BFA in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute. All items are made by myself from start to finish and I create all of my patterns from scratch as well. All garb designs and patterns are created by me, based off of my extensive research of archeological findings dating back to the Viking Age. Utilizing authentic, natural materials such as 100% European linen, wool and leather in a vast variety of handpicked colors and trims. I am a perfectionist by nature; paying special attention to aesthetics and detail, making Midgaarb ideal for reenactment and ceremonial purposes. My garb is also great for Renaissance and Celtic faires, LARP, SCA and similar events. Being that all my items are made from authentic materials they can also be worn by anyone who has a desire to engage in other forms of living history, or just enjoys wearing high quality, natural handmade pieces!

I have been living closely with plant allies and studying herbalism for over 10 years. When I moved to Oregon 3 years ago, surrounded by so much incredible healing medicine, I brought my studies to a clinical level, allowing me to fully connect the mind-body-soul healing energies and properties of plants. I spent the past few years delving deeper into wildcrafting & medicine making, which brought me to making seasonal small batch offerings for my shop! I feel most fulfilled harvesting with the moon phases and blessing each offering before I send them off. I am so grateful to live in such an abundant beautiful part of the world, growing medicine & harvesting in the wild mountains. Honoring the Earth, ancestors and Mothers by utilizing her powers and sharing them with others so they can heal.

To hear about my service and work from my customers themselves, refer to my 5 star ratings and customer feedback! I feel I am fulfilling my dream and purpose for this lifetime in doing what I do. My shop is my passion, making it easy to ensure the best customer service possible and to accommodate my customers needs to the best of my ability. I greatly enjoy sharing my passions with others which has naturally evolved into creating individually based custom made items and forming deep bonds with my customers. All garments in my shop are specially made for each individual upon order to ensure the perfect custom fit. Each customer chooses fabrication, their preference of trim and includes their measurements so I can make the garments fit their body specifically.

Every order comes with marketing materials: A thank you note, postcard, sticker & special care instructions to ensure the wellbeing of your garments and offerings. I love engaging in collaborations, trades and cross-promotions. Feel free to reach out to me for any creative inquiries or custom requests! I update my shop listings, Instagram and Facebook (@Midgaarb) daily, so follow or favorite so you don't miss out on the latest action and special announcements! Check out my daily Instagram stories for a behind the scenes of my process, my lifestyle, medicine making, recipes, forest adventures, sewing tips!

I am honored to create for you.
Thank you endlessly for your support!

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