Heart • Healer Beltane Hawthorn Bloom Elixir infused with Local, Raw PNW Mountain Honey



Introducing the Beltane Hawthorn Bloom Elixir!
I feel so honored to be releasing this intimate & special offering ❣️
Hawthorn is a lady that has supported me through countless grief, trauma & hardships over the years. I reach for her when times are challenging, she helps my heart open to compassion within myself & others during difficult conversations & overwhelming situations. I’ve certainly relied on her a lot this year.

This offering is made from the 2 Hawthorn trees that stand protector outside my home. With this medicine carries the energy of the intensely cathartic Beltane ceremony I hosted on IG, where hundreds of us released what no longer served us into the Beltane flames. I spoke to her about the heavy messages I received from the ceremony, asking for her support.

I harvested her delicate blooms & infused them in organic Brandy & Raw local PNW mountain honey. Then added a small part of the Hawthorn bloom & berry tincture I made from the previous year, which is a cyclical ritual I do every year, so she carries the heart-healing strength & love from years part.

To complete this medicine ritual, I strained her on the Full Moon during the sacred sabbath of Lughnasadh. The outcome is an incredibly nourishing & super delicious Elixir full of love & intention ❣️

This year has welcomed us to hardship, grief & uncontrollable situations. We have been forced to evolve & adapt & do it quickly. Hawthorn helps us & our loved ones navigate with grace & compassion while she softens the blow, helps pull inner strength & guides us to turn traumatic events into opportunities of inspired growth & evolution.
Hawthorn nourishes the physical function & the energetic-emotional health of our heart. It’s worth mentioning one of the long term effects showing up for C-19 is nervous system, respiratory & cardiovascular issues. It’s extra important to protect & support these body systems.

(As seen on label)
Hawthorn carries magnesium & calcium directly to the heart muscle, increasing oxygen & blood flow which regulates blood pressure and irregular heartbeat, especially in times of stress & anxiety. She helps us release unexpressed grief and flow towards love more freely. She is also a natural aphrodisiac!

Her flavonoids help supports healthy function of the immune system and liver. She is astringent, sweet, and somewhat sour, rich in antioxidants and nourishing flavonoids that lessen inflammation. Her leaf, flowers (spring) and berries (fall) are all deeply medicinal. She relieves heart-related problems by regulating both high and low blood pressure, eases angina, irregular heartbeat, reduces cholesterol levels, opens the chest and lungs to ease the effects of asthma. She has anti-microbial actions to stop low-level infections and other circulatory related disorders.

Hawthorn’s cooling nature helps to tonify, uplift and strengthen the heart. She clears heat and calms the nervous system to reduce anxiety and agitation which in turn helps you to better focus and regulate sleep and insomnia.
🌀 INGREDIENTS (also on label):
Wildcrafted Hawthorn Blooms
Organic Brandy
Organic Local Raw PNW mountain honey

As seen on the label:
The Wise Woman Way: Shake & take 1-2 droppers of this heart healer whenever you feel called to. Reach for her during times of grief, heartbreak, uncertainty & before difficult conversations.

This offering is essential oil free with a recyclable label and reusable/recyclable amber glass dropper bottle.

***Please consult with a healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition or concerns about contraindications in regards to medications you are currently taking. Hawthorn may not be appropriate for anyone with specific heart related issues or anyone taking heart or blood pressure medication. Please do your own research and consultations before using this offering or any other offering***

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