Wildcrafted Mystic Forest Box Set • FREE Bindrune Respiratory Steam Sachet • Muscle Mystic OR Hawthorn Elixir • Wild Forest Fire Cider •

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1st Offering:
• FREE Wildcrafted Respiratory Steam Sachet •

🌲Comes in handmade, reusable organic burlap sachet with hand-embroidered Bindrune
For a steam:
Use a pot that is roughly the size of your head or wider, fill with a couple cups of cold water and a small handful of herbs with a lid on top.
Put your heat on simmer, so the herbs can infuse and build steam under the lid.
When the water is almost boiling, take the pot off the stove, get cozy, make a tent around you and the pot to trap in the steam, close your eyes, and enjoy!

After my facial steaming, I love to allow my steam pot to keep steaming on my stove for many hours and become a viral cleanse for my entire house! I also place it in each room to allow for a full house cleansing. Sachets can also be used directly into a bathtub, infusing in hot water like a big brewed antiviral tea for your entire body!

There are endless uses for this sachet. It is a perfect ornament on your Yule tree and it even smells like Yuletime! Or can be used as a wonderful potpourri in your car or bathroom. It's a great stocking stuffer too! When emptied, it can be used as a medicine pouch or to hold any of your sacred objects.
Blended together in each sachet are the following:

Western Red Cedar - She stimulates the immune system by promoting white blood cell production. She is an expectorant, which means inhaling her infused steam aids our lungs by allowing toxins and debris to surface. Her astringent qualities helps tonify our lung tissue while she rids of viral & bacteria, combatting upper respiratory infections.

Douglas Fir - She is a natural cough suppressant & expectorant so when her needles are infused and steamed, you inhale all her ability to rid virals and antiseptic properties that cleanse gunk out from your lungs and help to flush out toxins.

Peppermint/Spearmint - Her warming, energetic and high menthol properties make her anti-spasmodic and aromatically uplifting. She is antibacterial, a nervine stimulant and a natural expectorant, so she increases our lung moisture & allows them to cleanse of debris and virals.

Eucalyptus - This powerful ally is one of the best for breaking up and clearing out congestion inside your lungs & sinuses. Her healing properties combined with steam helps open your pores which promotes healthy skin and lungs by eliminating toxins, dead skin and improving skin tone. She helps loosen muscles and joints.

Rosemary - This lady helps increase blood circulation and has highly antiseptic, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties and helps rid virals. She is also anti-flammatory and antispasmodic, as a member of the mint family, she really aids in opening the airway, digestion, and decreasing congestion. She is a circulatory and nervine stimulant with a calming effect, helping combat depression & headaches.

Clove - Her comforting aromatics nourishes the spirit while her antiseptic qualities and high antioxidants help our immune system fight infections and bacteria.

Thyme - Highly antiseptic and antimicrobial, she combats virals as a natural expectorant aiding to relieve in chest congestion, coughs, sore throat and throat irritation. Her biocides help destroy harmful organisms such as harmful bacteria and respiratory infections.
Hot steam in itself aims to destroy virals in your mouth & lungs. It boosts your immune system by stimulating leukocytes - cells that fight infection. When combined with antiviral & antimicrobial plant allies like conifer trees and mint family herbs, it creates a healing powerhouse, greatly increasing your chances of destroying viral infections in your body & environment.

Inhaling steam brings moisture to your lungs which act as an expectorant cleansing out the gunk from your nostrils & throat. You are guaranteed to blow your nose & cough up unwanted congestion after a good steam with this herbal powerhouse blend!

Steaming also heats up your body, causing you to sweat out any illness, toxins & help break fevers.
I also love herbal steams during spring to combat crazy allergies. The steam really helps to release allergens from the sinuses & lungs, soothing inflamed tissue.

Steaming revitalizes your face and spirit. Restoring your skin making it baby soft, reducing redness, irritation & fine lines. It reduces oil & adds moisture, bringing balance back to your skin. Taking the time for yourself to engage in the meditative, restorative & nourishing act of steaming is such an invigorating, grounding gift.

The traditions of utilizing natural mineral-rich hot springs & plant allies date back to ancient civilizations: The Alps of Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Mongols as well as Native American cultures. Wellness seekers would journey far to partake in these sacred steaming ceremonies as a means to heal & prevent illness, to keep their minds, spirits and bodies nourished, rejuvenated & cleansed of external toxins. Steaming is a deeply meditative and connective practice.

Part of steaming with plant allys is that it combines all 5 elements providing a beautiful connective experience.

Earth in the form of plant allies
Water in the form of hot steam
Air in the form of inhaling and exhaling
Fire as heat source creating steam
Spirit in combining the spirit of you with the elements and the ancients.

Happy Steaming!


2nd Offering Option!

Introducing the St. John's Wort & Black Cottonwood Wildcrafted Body Oil!
~The act of body oiling is a deeply sacred, ancient ritual. Lathering plant ally medicine onto the skin is an intimate act of Coming Home. Of communing with the cycles, the elements, the Earth, the ancestors. Allowing us to be more grounded, open & present within body & spirit~
This muscle & nerve bath and body oil is a marriage of 2 incredibly powerful plant allies infused in 3 deeply nourishing organic oils. The buds on both of these plants bleed red with potent, otherworldly womb-mysticism.

St. John's Wort is a sacred herb with golden blooms thought to carry inside her red buds the blood of the sun: her Hypericum. Hypericum is high in bioflavonoids which contribute to anti-inflammatory and tissue stabilizing capability, helping to stabilize vascular and muscular inflammations as well as
prevent free radical damage making her incredible for nerve pain, she's anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, relaxes nervous tension, nerve damage, sore muscles, cuts, scraps, burns, psoriasis, acne. Her scent & internal uses are known as an anti-depressant & mood lifter. She's amazing post surgery and topically over painful nerves, and herpes lesions to support tissue repair, improve capillary and collagen integrity. In Ancient European folklore she was utilized as a protection plant helping clear negative psychic energy. Her internal, external & energetic medicine is powerful & endless.

Black Cottonwood is another incredibly sacred pain healer. Her buds bleed a beautiful sticky red resin full of Salicylic Acid which is known as "Nature's Apsrin" (it is what Asprin is made from) making her extremely pain-reliving. She is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, helps to heal bruises, sore muscles, arthritis, rheumatoid pain, tension headaches, sprains, muscle spasms & so much more. She also allows other oils penetrate deeper into the tissues. She is a sacred community tree & a spiritual conduit in both European and Native American folklore. She taps into deep sources of water in the earth and bring it to the surface. This wellspring is associated with spirit–the essence of who we are and where we come from.
❣️ INGREDIENTS (also on label):
Wildcrafted St. John's Wort
Wildcrafted Black Cottonwood
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Grapeseed Oil
Dehydrated Cottonwood Buds inside as energetic adornment

These oils combined creates a deeply nourishing blend that sinks deeply into the skin. Her natural intoxicating scent provides aroma-therapy that lingers on for many hours.

St. John's Wort - Harvested & infused on Summer Solstice New Moon
Black Cottonwood - Harvested & infused on October's Full Moon
❣️ SUGGESTED INSTRUCTIONS (also on label):

The Wise Woman Way:
I use this body oil on my carpal tunnel and tendinitis and it is incredible. Utilize this oil to prevent/treat any of the symptoms listed. Liberally lather her on your body after long work days or a hot bath so she soaks in deeply. Add her to the bath so her intoxicating scent fills the senses, which is an incredible part of her medicine. Body oiling is a sacred, ancient, ancestral ritual. a sense of coming home, that allows us to be present within our body & spirit. Store in cold dark place. You can refrigerate for longer shelf life. Do NOT get water in your oil! Water increases the chance of mold.

This offering is essential oil free with a water & oil resistant label and a 2oz reusable/recyclable clear glass dropper bottle.

***This is for external use only. Please consult with a healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition or concerns about contraindications in regards to medications you are currently taking. It has been recorded that St. John's Wort may interfere with certain prescription drugs when consumed internally, though I am unaware of research on external use. Please do your own research and consultations before using this offering or any other offering. I am not responsible to any skin sensitivities or allergic reactions to these ingredients. ***


2nd Offering Option!

Introducing the Beltane Hawthorn Bloom Elixir!
I feel so honored to be releasing this intimate & special offering ❣️
Hawthorn is a lady that has supported me through countless grief, trauma & hardships over the years. I reach for her when times are challenging, she helps my heart open to compassion within myself & others during difficult conversations & overwhelming situations. I’ve certainly relied on her a lot this year.

This offering is made from the 2 Hawthorn trees that stand protector outside my home. With this medicine carries the energy of the intensely cathartic Beltane ceremony I hosted on IG, where hundreds of us released what no longer served us into the Beltane flames. I spoke to her about the heavy messages I received from the ceremony, asking for her support.

I harvested her delicate blooms & infused them in organic Brandy & Raw local PNW mountain honey. Then added a small part of the Hawthorn bloom & berry tincture I made from the previous year, which is a cyclical ritual I do every year, so she carries the heart-healing strength & love from years part.

To complete this medicine ritual, I strained her on the Full Moon during the sacred sabbath of Lughnasadh. The outcome is an incredibly nourishing & super delicious Elixir full of love & intention ❣️

This year has welcomed us to hardship, grief & uncontrollable situations. We have been forced to evolve & adapt & do it quickly. Hawthorn helps us & our loved ones navigate with grace & compassion while she softens the blow, helps pull inner strength & guides us to turn traumatic events into opportunities of inspired growth & evolution.
Hawthorn nourishes the physical function & the energetic-emotional health of our heart. It’s worth mentioning one of the long term effects showing up for C-19 is nervous system, respiratory & cardiovascular issues. It’s extra important to protect & support these body systems.

(As seen on label)
Hawthorn carries magnesium & calcium directly to the heart muscle, increasing oxygen & blood flow which regulates blood pressure and irregular heartbeat, especially in times of stress & anxiety. She helps us release unexpressed grief and flow towards love more freely. She is also a natural aphrodisiac!

Her flavonoids help supports healthy function of the immune system and liver. She is astringent, sweet, and somewhat sour, rich in antioxidants and nourishing flavonoids that lessen inflammation. Her leaf, flowers (spring) and berries (fall) are all deeply medicinal. She relieves heart-related problems by regulating both high and low blood pressure, eases angina, irregular heartbeat, reduces cholesterol levels, opens the chest and lungs to ease the effects of asthma. She has anti-microbial actions to stop low-level infections and other circulatory related disorders.

Hawthorn’s cooling nature helps to tonify, uplift and strengthen the heart. She clears heat and calms the nervous system to reduce anxiety and agitation which in turn helps you to better focus and regulate sleep and insomnia.
🌀 INGREDIENTS (also on label):
Wildcrafted Hawthorn Blooms
Organic Brandy
Organic Local Raw PNW mountain honey

As seen on the label:
The Wise Woman Way: Shake & take 1-2 droppers of this heart healer whenever you feel called to. Reach for her during times of grief, heartbreak, uncertainty & before difficult conversations.

This offering is essential oil free with a recyclable label and reusable/recyclable amber glass dropper bottle.


3rd Offering:

Upon this sacred Samhain season & Full Moon, I bring you this powerful Witchcrafted Fire Cider Oxymel!
Emerging through the smoke comes this cathartic combination of my deep love for our beautiful wild forests & my healing journey during the devastating wildfires of the West. I created the image on this label to be my interpretation of the wildfires; trees burned & dying, but the living trees representing healing & perseverance..

🔥 Based off my Nan’s Fire Cider recipe, this brew is a perfectly balanced blend of mouthwatering spicy ingredients that act as lung expectorants, sweet & nourishing flavors from raw local PNW honey, sour from Apple Cider Vinegar & bitter from wildcrafted tree offerings. Her anti-viral & anti-microbial ingredients are traditionally known to help support the immune system & aid in healthy digestion.

🔥Her uses are so versatile & yummy! Shake her up and add a splash to your favorite dishes ~ soups, stir-fry, salads or use as a marinade. Mix in tea, Bloody Mary or cocktail! For a boost, take her straight in a shot glass to summon the fire within & get the blood moving on cold, dark days.

🔥Upon New Moon, I mixed Blue Spruce, Doug Fir tips & resin, Sage & Ponderosa Pine I wildcrafted while seeking refuge in MT during the fires. I added wildcrafted Western Red Cedar, Doug Fir tips & resin & Goldenrod from OR.
This brew is also packed with Organic local farm-grown ingredients:
Ginger root, Horseradish root, Turmeric root, Jalapeños, Garlic, Onions, Oranges, Lemons, Cayenne, Peppercorn, Rosemary, Thyme, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Cardamom & Cloves. Infused in Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Local Raw PNW honey.

I crafted her Upon the New Moon of Summer & strained her Upon the New Moon of Autumn.

This offering comes in a water & oil resistant label and a 4oz reusable/recyclable clear glass bottle.



***Please consult with a healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition or concerns about contraindications in regards to medications you are currently taking. Please do your own research and consultations before using this offering or any other offering. I am not responsible to any skin sensitivities or allergic reactions to these ingredients. ***

I am going to be 100% transparent with every ingredient in my herbal offerings. So please make sure you are not allergic to anything, do your research before use, do a spot test for external offerings before use and do whatever you can to make sure each product is safe for you.

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I am not responsible to any skin sensitivities or allergic reactions to these ingredients. Please do your research before use and always spot test every item and do what you can to make sure this product is safe for you.

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