Have some questions before ordering? 

*Scroll down for FAQ and please visit my Policy Page for all information on Refund/Return Policies, Shipping Policies, Privacy Policies, Terms of Service and more.*


Where do you source your ingredients?

PLANTS & HERBS - I Wildcraft most of my herbs in clean, wilderness areas (using regenerative practices) or grow them myself. I harvest in the rainforests along the Pacific coast and the subalpine mountains. For herbs that don't grow wild, I use this as an opportunity to support local growers by purchasing herbs from small local shops that are organically certified. I also purchase organic herbs from the local school I trained at, or do herb trades with friends or buy from past teachers. 90% of my sources are local/located in Oregon or SW Washington.

HONEY & BEESWAX - I buy raw, unfiltered, unheated honey from a small beekeeper living in Mt. Hood, Oregon. I also buy from a beekeeper living in southwest Washington near Gifford National Forest.

WATER - I collect water from a tested/regulated natural spring that is about a half hour from where I live in Oregon towards the coast. It is fresh water that trickles down from the Cascade mountains, mineral rich & as fresh as you can get! If I don't have this opportunity I purchase local, distilled mineral water.

ALCOHOL - I use non-gmo organic, gluten free cane alcohol from ‘Organic Alcohol Company’ made in Ashland, Oregon.

VINEGARI use raw, unpasteurized Organic apple cider vinegar, usually from Bragg.

OILS - I have various sources for oils but they are all organic, cold pressed and the cleanest oils I can find.

There’s more to this but that’s the bulk of what makes up my offerings. If you’ve been following me on IG for a while now - or peeked at my many IG highlights and posts displaying my process - you know a tremendous amount of time, research & dedication goes into my efforts to be as local & fresh as possible, to cultivate truly sustainable, bio-regional offerings, while also supporting fellow small businesses. I am extremely fortunate to live in a state that has so many resources, endless wild land and folks who are equally passionate about working with the land. 🤍

Do you accept commissions and requests for creations not on your website?

Creations and commissions besides what I currently offer depends on my availability and changes frequently. Please contact me for more information on my current status!  

How do I know this herbal product is for me?

Please do your own research before ordering any herbal product. Refer to my shipping policies and info under each listing for general disclaimers on this matter.

My products and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Please consult with your primary care physician, health practitioner or midwife. Without working with folks one on one, herbalists are not legally allowed to answer personalized questions including this one. You may also research the herbs in the product you wish to use for any studies that indicate safety.

Can you combine my orders/give shipping refund if I place more than one?

At this time I cannot refund shipping cost for folks placing multiple orders. It’s way too chaotic when handling hundreds of orders to weed out everyone that placed more than one order to refund them. When I ship it’s a 2-3 people full weekend packing job and we have a system where we go down the line on each order. The system we use does not indicate if each person that placed an order placed more than one and it does not display names, just products. Which means I often end up shipping out 2 or more separate orders, therefore I would not be keeping any extra shipping costs, I will be using them. I’m sorry if this is inconvenient but I don’t have the resources or man power to do any more than I am doing. I know releases can be chaotic and people are hurrying to buy, but that's why I spend a lot of time making detailed IG posts and email catalogs before each release, to encourage folks to prepare what they are wanting before the shop goes live. Please be aware of this BEFORE placing orders!

Do you offer vegetarian/vegan products?

This depends on what you personally consider vegetarian and vegan, as some folks consider ethically harvested honey or beeswax to be vegetarian and not vegan. Any of my products that don't contain tallow, honey, or beeswax are most popularly considered vegan. Most of my body oils are made of oils not derived from animal fats, my vinegar's (and/or oxymels which includes honey) may be considered vegan. My tinctures are definitely considered vegan, as they are made with only organic, non-gmo cane alcohol. If you are curious about a product feel free to ask! I will always list ingredients for you to figure out your own comfortability.

Can I make changes to an order already placed?

If within 24 hours and the order was not shipped, please message me and I will try my best to accommodate you. Due to the high demand, small batch handmade nature of my offerings, I may not be able to change an order after it is placed but I will do my best. Visit my Refund and Shipping Policies for more information. 

What are the measurements you need for custom clothing?

When I am offering garb that is custom made to your measurements, there are no set sizes and it's up to the customer to provide me measurements. I ask for measurements in inches, upon placing your order. When being offered, Hoods and Shawls are not custom made and will come in 2 different size options, indicated in the listing. All information on what I need for each item is under every item description. Contact me if you need help with measurements.

Do you offer Expedited Shipping other than the estimated ship time provided?

I always indicate an estimated shipping time on my website and Etsy. Expedited shipping may be available at certain times and on certain items. All depending upon my current workload and the items ordered. If you’d like an item by a certain date you must contact me BEFORE placing your order and before purchasing the expedited fee so that I can let you know if it is possible. Please refer to Shipping Policies for more info.

Where are you located?

I make everything and ship everything out of Northwest Oregon.

Where do you ship? 

I ship everywhere within the USA, Canada, most European countries, Japan and Australia. Please check with your countries current policies as I do not cover costs once the package reaches your country. Please refer to my Shipping Policies for more details.

Don't hesitate to fill out a "contact me" form on my the mainpage with further inquiries!