• Historical Handmade Custom Pagan Garb •

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I have been a seamstress my entire life, it was indeed my first love when my grandmother taught me at age 5. Since 2015 I have been designing and sewing custom, handmade European, Viking Age garb for all genders and sizes. You can read my reviews on my Etsy! I have been selling on Etsy and up until last year, really enjoyed selling at different events and faires. I love working one on one with my customers by offering them custom clothes fitting to their measurements exactly as they want it.
I make tunics to trousers, dresses, apron dresses, hoods, hooded shawls, capelets, leg & arm winingas, cloaks, coats, kaftans & ethically sourced handmade leather cinchers, fur items and more! My mission has always been to honor the old traditions of our bloodlines, keeping them alive by weaving their wisdoms and intention into our modern lives.
I am currently taking a short break from my garb making to pursue creating my herbalism offerings, which is an equally important passion of mine. Check out my "About Me & My Crafts" page to hear all about my designing-sewing-garb making journey.
When garb returns to my shop I plan to bring back my most beloved pieces as well as all new designs, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and check back to keep up to date on when I will be making garb again!