Sourcing is a very time consuming and intentional aspect to my work here, and to the creation of all my offerings. I spend a lot of time researching and am extremely conscious about where I source. If I cannot find a clean, ethical source for an herb or ingredient, I won’t use it. That said, all my ingredients are either wild, organic, non-gmo and/or pesticide free. I don’t use essential oils, fragrances, any additives or harsh preservatives. I also try my absolute best to keep my sources as regional to the PNW as possible and so glad to say the majority of my ingredients are regionally sourced. The base of most of my offerings are honey, beeswax, alcohol, water, vinegar and oil. Here is the sourcing breakdown on each:



I buy raw, unfiltered unheated and untreated raw honey from a beekeeper living in Mt. Hood, Oregon. Sometimes I buy from a beekeeper living on the Washington side of the Columbia river gorge.



I fill up my big water jugs from a tested and regulated natural spring that is close to where I live in Oregon towards the coast. It is fresh water that trickles down from the mountains, packed with natural micronutrients and minerals.



I buy non-gmo organic, gluten free cane alcohol from Organic Alcohol Company made in Ashland, Oregon. I then use my spring water to dilute into various proofs.



I use raw, unpasteurized Organic apple cider vinegar that contains the mother. This is usually from small batch local sources. If they are out then I’ll order from Lucy’s which is a family owned company located in California.


• OILS •

I have various sources for oils but they are all organic, cold pressed and the cleanest oils I can find.



I wildcraft a majority of my herbs in wild places along the rainforest, coast and the mountains, using regenerative practices. I also grow organic herbs in my garden. For other herbs, I buy from small local farms such as Oshala Farm or from other herbalists. I also purchase wildcrafted herbs from my previous teachers or do herb trades with friends. 90% of my sources are located in Oregon or Washington.

I have tremendous pride in cultivating fresh, highly medicinal, truly sustainable bio-regional offerings, while also supporting fellow small businesses who have similar intentions. I am extremely fortunate to live in a region that has so many wonderful resources, endless wild land and folks who are equally passionate about ethical, sustainable and reciprocal practices. 🤍