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ETSY Testimonials

"I love everything Brittany makes with her skilled hands, so when she released this hair rinse, I just had to try it! I couldn't believe the difference between before and after the rinse! I kicked shampoo years ago, which has been great for my scalp but I've noticed some courseness and split ends. Immediately after soaking and rinsing my hair with this hair rinse, my hair was smoother, sleeker, and I've noticed fewer tangles in the week following. I'll definitely be back for more!"

- Marin Gardner, MA



"Amazing quality blend I've been using it for a 2 months and my hair stopped shedding that was really a surprise to me since I was going through stressful period. My hair grew longer and it looks healthier. I would definitely order again!"

- Kate Ansolios, WA

"The transparency that Brittany has with her customers about her product is extremely refreshing. The knowledge that she packs into her labels is amazing. I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this product. This is by far one of my favorites. I’m over the moon about this Heart Healer. I don’t know how it works but it does. Brittany is an absolute marvel. This wildcrafted elixir has literally saved me. Lately my anxiety has been through the roof. One dropper of this magic and I begin to feel it working. I can’t thank Brittany enough for sharing her offerings. There are truly not enough words on how wonderful she is. She puts so much love into her products and just the little details make it so personable. This particular elixir I hope will become a staple of her offerings."

- Marlain Weeks, FL



"I feel peaceful and calm whenever I take this! It tastes wonderful, as well! Like everything from this shop, you can tell that it is made with wisdom and care."
- Kara Markley Sterling, OH

"Wow! What can I say. I waited till I had some pain to use this oil and then write an honest review, but wow. It worked with two applications on knee pain that was flaring up. The first one helped ease the pain, and the next one helped relieve it pretty much completely overnight. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this! A little goes along way, but I'll buy another bottle the next time you prepare a batch. Thank you again!"

- Jordan Manegdeg, CO



"Brittany is a very insightful folk herbalist. And I am amazed at her artistic and visionary aspect with all the intuitive work she does... As an avid hiker and skier, The Mystic Muscle saves the day. With such powerful properties of St. John’s and Cottonwood, it does absolute wonders. I hope I can continue supporting and purchasing these offerings! Thank you! 🖤"

- Yoon Hwang, OR

"Excellent and quick communication! These tinctures were crafted expertly and with care. My package arrived when expected. I am amazed by the quality and consideration of the overall collection, and it even came with a few herbal offerings and smells like Yule! Thank you so much!"

- Danae Kirtley, OR



"Absolutely in love with this gift set! I had ordered the forest fire cider beforehand and loved it, so I was elated to be able to get a second bottle with the muscle mystic I had missed the release of the first time! I've yet to use the bath satchel, but plan to soon before the end of yule! Watching the process of how much tender love and care goes into these offerings really makes every purchase from Brittany a personal experience- from creation to unboxing, her passion is apparent in the quality results of her labor. This wasn't my first order from her, nor will it be the last! 😊"

- Kristina Creamer, NY

"What I adore about Brittany is the fact that she doesn't make a product for a quick sale, but instead she puts her soul and passion into her work. She will study, research and focus on the smallest of details to make it feel truly special and homemade. I've had the pleasure of sampling a few of her offerings and they are all always so carefully thought out and executed. I'm honored that I was able to receive one of her last fire cider spice blends as we live in the same area. I cannot wait to spice up some of my upcoming winter soups and stews. Thank you, Britt! 🖤"

- Jennifer Moreau, WA



"After purchasing the fire cider, I knew I would want this. I’ve used it sprinkled on roasted broccoli, in chili, and more. The packaging was impeccable, handled with care and intention. I have been 100% satisfied with every purchase I’ve made from Midgaarb and will continue purchasing from this shop in the future."

- Renee Wright, CA



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