• Welcome to the Midgaarb Underworld •

Membership & Community Opportunities coming soon!

What will they be about?

I am looking forward to cultivating a safe space to build community off of social media, with fellow witches and earth-workers, where we can share our own experiences with magic, myth & medicine. Within the community and within my membership programs I will be striving to share homesteading skills like recipes, herbalism (identifying, harvesting, folk medicine making), sewing, sharing more of my photography & writings. I'll also be sharing various olde world ancestral skills & crafts infused with European history, mythology, witchcraft & astrology.
As a womb-bearer I want to share more of my personal journey through cyclical living along with the moon and my cycle, and how we relate that to herbalism. I will be sharing rituals and resources on how you can begin charting and connecting to your matrilineal lines and the greater Earth Mother & Matriarchy.
The list of ideas I have to share are endless. I am a constant seeker of knowledge & love to teach what I learn. I am so excited to cultivate this safe, uncensored space where I have the freedom to share on all my passions to my hearts content. I am honored to have you in this space with me, where I can help your journey in passing on these sustainable, sacred traditions. Stay tuned for so many exciting evolutions to come!
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Blessings, Brittany