• Special Care Instructions •



It seems like you ordered a wool hood or shawl from me, here is how you can best care for it!

As stated below, wool is naturally cleansing, it is considered to be an outdoor/outerwear material and therefore doesn’t need to be washed as frequently as other garments.

The recommended cleaning method for them is hand washing with cold water. If needing to use the washing machine, it’s recommended to use cold water, with hand washing/delicate setting. Hang drying is always recommended to avoid warping, shrinkage and pilling. Be extra gentle on the pieces with handwoven trim. Keep away from velcro and things that may cause snags.

Please note these wools are hand dyed and may contain some residual dye. Therefore it is recommended to wash them if you plan on wearing with light colored clothing.


Each wool color varies on texture and thickness. But all of them encompass the wonderful benefits wool has to offer! As a natural fiber, it's considered one of the most eco-friendly, biodegradable, renewable & sustainable materials. The lanolin found on sheep's wool protects sheep's skin from infection, allowing wool to be naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial & water wicking, making these hoods perfect for protection against the elements. 

Wool also provides natural UV protection, is naturally stain resistant & very easy to care for. Being an animal fiber, wool has the natural ability to breath & is extremely temperature regulating, keeping you warm in winter & cool in summer.

The wool I use is thick & durable yet soft & cozy. I wear my hoods & shawls all year round, protecting me from the sun during summer, snow & wind during winter & rain during spring & autumn. I've been wearing my personal hoods & shawls for over 10 years & they are still in perfect shape.

Please note that since these particular wools are hand dyed and a natural material, therefore the color lots and textures may vary and not always be the same from hood to hood. Read disclaimer on the listing you purchased for more info.

I am honored to create for you.

Thank you endlessly for your support!